Keston Emanuel Barker

Keston E Barker

Keston Jr. is a Vancouver-based shredding guitarist/composer who has performed and recorded with several bands. He chose his path early, as he was attracted to the guitar as an infant inspired by his uncle, Keston Sr.. By the time Keston was 12-years-old he was doing professional gigs. He is comfortable with many styles but prefers shredding hard rock. He studied guitar technique with Canadian guitar legend, Dave Martone Martone also produced Keston’s 2017 release, The Colors I See.

Keston was the winner of the Vancouver guitar shredding competition in 2009, 2006, and 2005. His influences include Shawn Lane, Rust Cooley, Jason Becker, and David Shankle.

Bands – Black Paul, My Own Kaos, Isle

The Colors I See
Space Station Disaster
Laser Gun
A Time Of Intellect
Galaxy Etude
From A Galaxy Far Far Away
Death Of The Earth
Inhuman: Apocalypse/Eden
Faze and Keston Jam
Keston's Riff
The Colors I See
14 Year Old

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